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Dec. 7-8, 2023
Los Angeles Area

Orange County Sheriff's Training Facility

Orange, CA

Dec. 11-12, 2023
Imperial Valley, California

Imperial Valley Law Enforcement
Coordinating Center

Imperial Valley, CA

April 25-26,  2024
Tallahassee, Florida

Florida Department of Law Enforcement

Tallahassee, FL

April 29-39,  2024
Tampa, Florida Area

Florida Department of Law Enforcement

Tarpon Springs, FL

April 25-26,  2024

Fort Myers, Florida

Florida Department of Law Enforcement

Fort Myers, FL

June 10-11, 2024

Los Angeles Area

Orange County Sheriff's Training Facility

Orange, CA

June 13-14, 2024

San Diego.  CA

Government Training Agency

6155 Cornerstone Court
San Diego, CA 92121

Training Classes for the
Public Inf
ormation Officer (PIO)

$295 for Our 2-Day Class
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Empowering Tomorrow's Public Information Officers Today

A montage of the two instructors, Russell Ruffin and Penny Carter at the scene of breaking news events around the country.   Russell Ruffin is pictured at the scene of the San Bernardino terrorist attack, the Ferguson, Missouri Protests as well as at the White House.  Penny Carter is pictured at the scene of the San Bernardino terrorist attack as well as at one of the Ferguson, Missouri protests.  The picture is formated as a jpeg.

Public Information Officer Training offers the most dynamic and forward-thinking education for people in the media and communication industry. Our team of instructors, Russell Ruffin and Penny Carter, are among the most experienced in the field, travelling to the scene of breaking news all across America to ensure our classes are updated weekly, offering the most relevant and up-to-date training program in the nation.

Instructor Penny Carter is pictured during one of her classes conducting an interview with Marshal McCain, Pesident of the Los Angeles Airport Police Assocation.

Our PIO class provides each student with individual On Camera Training Exercises. During the course, everyone is given the opportunity to simulate TV news interviews and new conferences.  We provide the "Talking Points" to help them prepare for their on-camera performance.

This PIO Training Class Provides students with an unparalleled learning experience. Our Media Relations instructors are experienced and knowledgeable, and will ask each participant tough questions to challenge them and help them grow. After each session, participants are provided a helpful and friendly critique and a digital video of their performance, allowing them to review their progress and identify areas for improvement. This combination of challenging questions and feedback will help students hone their skills and reach their goals.

Police Public Information Officer Intructor Penny Carter is pictured while conducting an in-class interview with Marlshal McClain, the President of the Los Angeles Airport Police Association.   The picture is a .png.

Public Information Officer Training has been providing specialized training for public information officers (PIOs) since 2004. Our classes are tailored to meet the needs of City, County, State, Federal and Tribal Law Enforcement Agencies. We offer comprehensive 16-hour training sessions that are certified for continuing education and Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) credit.

Our classes are designed to help PIOs become more effective communicators in their law enforcement roles, ensuring that the public is accurately informed of pertinent information. Our experienced instructors have a combined total of more than 100 years in law enforcement, public information and media relations.

Explore our Free Resources

How to Set up and Use a FREE Teleprompter App on Your Smart Phone  (Click below)
Teleprompters for Good Eye Contact
Want to Have Perfect Eye Contact with the Camera?  Use An Ear Prompter!  Watch this video and discover how  this television broadcaster does it.  (click below) 
Avoid Confusion about the Facts of Your Story.  If you have ever been Misquoted by the Media, it could be that the reporter didn't have a complete understanding of the information you were conveying.  Here's a way to keep that from happening.  Always give the media a "Fact Sheet."  You won't always have time to prepare a formal Press Release for every news event you are questioned about, so instead, create a Fact Sheet.  To learn more about this quick and simple solution, click below.
The Power of the Sound Bite  Powerful sound bites can be a powerful tool in communicating your message. Prior to speaking publicly or conducting a news interview, it's important to prepare at least two sound bites that are between 8 to 15 seconds long. A great example is Ronald Reagan's iconic sound bite, "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall," which became a memorable headline. Take a few minutes before your next news conference or interview to brainstorm and develop sound bites that effectively convey your message. The impact can be significant and surprising.
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