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Training Classes for the
Public Inf
ormation Officer (PIO)

Public Information Officer Training provides comprehensive police media relations training to help protect communities and earn public confidence. This exclusive class was created by Emmy Award winning television reporters and is conducted in 40 US cities a year, giving you hands-on training on how to effectively manage media relations during routine as well a crisis situations.

A montage of the two instructors, Russell Ruffin and Penny Carter at the scene of breaking news events around the country.   Russell Ruffin is pictured at the scene of the San Bernardino terrorist attack, the Ferguson, Missouri Protests as well as at the White House.  Penny Carter is pictured at the scene of the San Bernardino terrorist attack as well as at one of the Ferguson, Missouri protests.  The picture is formated as a jpeg.

Public Information Officer Training offers the most dynamic and forward-thinking education for people in the media and communication industry. Our team of instructors, Russell Ruffin and Penny Carter, are among the most experienced in the field, travelling to the scene of breaking news all across America to ensure our classes are updated weekly, offering the most relevant and up-to-date training program in the nation.

Instructor Penny Carter is pictured during one of her classes conducting an interview with Marshal McCain, Pesident of the Los Angeles Airport Police Assocation.

Our PIO class provides each student with individual On Camera Training Exercises. During the course, everyone is given the opportunity to simulate TV news interviews and new conferences.  We provide the "Talking Points" to help them prepare for their on-camera performance.

This PIO Training Class Provides students with an unparalleled learning experience. Our Media Relations instructors are experienced and knowledgeable, and will ask each participant tough questions to challenge them and help them grow. After each session, participants are provided a helpful and friendly critique and a digital video of their performance, allowing them to review their progress and identify areas for improvement. This combination of challenging questions and feedback will help students hone their skills and reach their goals.

Police Public Information Officer Intructor Penny Carter is pictured while conducting an in-class interview with Marlshal McClain, the President of the Los Angeles Airport Police Association.   The picture is a .png.

$295 for Our 2-Day Class
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Since 2004 we have conducted more than 700 PIO training classes for City, County, State, Federal and Tribal Law Enforcement Agencies.  Our classes are certified for 16 hours (POST) Peace Officer Standards and Training, Continuing Education and equivalent accreditation programs.

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